JHM Strategic Space Committee

The Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) Strategic Space Committee governs appropriation of space owned and leased by the JHM entities related to the needs of the East Baltimore campus (the Medical Campus), with the exception of space owned by the Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH) and the School of Nursing (SON), who govern their own respective spaces. The JHM Strategic Space Committee acts in close coordination with the Johns Hopkins Facilities and Real Estate (JHFRE) where appropriate.

The JHM Strategic Space Committee administers the provision of adequate space to support the required functions.

All requests for space require a written request to the JHM Strategic Space Committee.

Intra-organizational space reallocations and space ‘swaps’ are encouraged. Such internal agreements require submission of a request to, and approval of the JHM Strategic Space Committee before the space transfer may be executed.

Note: Allocated space is generally granted to departments in “as-is” condition. Departments receiving space must perform any desired upgrades with departmental expense funds or justify requests for capital through the Capital Budget Committee.