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Mission Statement and Core Values


The mission of Facilities Design and Construction is to provide efficient and affordable facilities and amenities that promote the highest quality care, afford solace, and provide enhancements to the environment of the Johns Hopkins Health System and surrounding communities. We are committed to provide professional expertise in the execution of projects that support the strategic priorities of the Johns Hopkins Enterprise.

Core Values

Facilities Design and Construction is guided by the following core values:

  1. Customer Focused

    Identify the Customer*. Understand the problem that must be solved and/or strategic priority that needs to be achieved; be proactive, insightful, respectful, and responsive.

  2. Sense of Urgency

    Set aggressive goals; work respectfully and collaboratively to achieve them. Organize and plan your work efficiently in order to meet the strategic priority. Plan ahead and anticipate problem situations.

  3. Thoroughness

    Have a comprehensive understanding of the details as it relates to the completion of your job responsibilities. Sweat the small stuff; it matters.

  4. Stewardship

    Find the balance in each job related decision by preserving Johns Hopkins’ heritage, functionality, environmental responsibility, quality and fiscal management; eliminate unwarranted variation, eliminate waste, and protect resources for the most beneficial outcome that supports the applicable strategic priority.

  5. Communication

    Do it early and often. Promote communication by example and do it timely, succinctly, accurately, and respectfully.

  6. Commitment

    Demonstrate ownership, responsibility, excellent performance and accountability, individually and collectively, for your essential job functions, our Division and Department. “We own it together, we will solve it together.”

  7. Integrity

    Practice ethical behavior; treat everyone with respect; be accountable for your actions. Tell the truth and do what you say you are going to do; comply with applicable institutional policies and procedures.

  8. Safety

    Embrace safety so it is second nature. Create a safe environment for patients, visitors, staff, and colleagues through our designs, our execution, and our business decisions.

  9. Professional Development

    Ensure all staff members are afforded opportunities to grow professionally through applied education, training, mentorship and workplace experience.

* Customer is defined as the business entity that is ultimately responsible to solve a problem or implement a strategic priority. This entity is not to be confused with the Client who is defined as an individual(s) charged by the Customer to work on the project team participating in the design, execution, and activation of a project.