Andrea Brown

Thank you for staying here additional hours Saturday to lead the recovery efforts on the catastrophic failure we experienced with the server. I know you had not planned to be here that long on Saturday, but your dedication allowed us to get back on our feet quickly. - Tom Lentz Director Facilities Management Operations I would like to recognize Andrea Brown. We experienced an unexpected hardware failure on one of our servers this past weekend and Andrea worked all day on Saturday to rebuild it from scratch.- Kyle Ennis IT Manager

Thomas Panzer, Michael Heim

Thank you staying over on short notice to get the new Motor Installed Weinberg AHU 5B. If this was not done it would have affected Surgical Procedures in the Weinberg Bldg. - Tim Rose - Mechanic Shop Manager

David Portela

"I appreciate the long hours and commitment from you and your team all weekend to make sure the anesthesia project was not only completed buy done with attention to detail." Andrew Currie (Assistant Director Clinical Engineering)

Brian Dickey, Scott Borowy, Timothy Garland, Gamal Borns, Wayne Anderson, William Curtis, Kevin Sherfey, Stephen Neumeister

Everyone has been coming in early every day and working on the weekends for the past couple of months ensuring that PMs are not behind. Also, working on the Joint Commission demand work orders, IHC projects and all of the emergency calls that we have been receiving on a daily basis. Sometimes, I do not know how we keep up with so many things going on. I just want to acknowledge the Plumbers for all of their hard work. -Ryan Eggleston Plumbing 1 Supervisor

Kelly Smith, Harry Tootill, Orlando Hardrick, Shawn Van Horn

Thank you for stepping up during Martin Luther King holiday and come in to help Zone take care of a leak issue in the JHOPC tunnel corridor! - Jim Hart (Carpenter Supervisor)

Michael Weber

There was an issue with a low humidity alarm at the Nelson Pharmacy. We were developing a project to add a humidifier, when Mike pointed out that there is no requirement for extra humidity in the space. A very small percentage of the hospital requires humidification and this space is not included. The Low Humidity alarm was removed from the program and we saved thousands of dollars. Dave Fisher - Commissioning Director

Nicholas Hoy

I just wanted to recognize one of your employees. I reached out to facilities because our nurses had concerns about our oxygen flow meters not engaging into the wall plates. I was directed to Nic Hoy. I explained our concerns, and he responded immediately. He was thorough and addressed every concern I had with professionalism and compassion for our staff and patients. Although I could tell he was very busy, he took the time to talk to me, and I in turn was able to talk to our staff to ensure them that our equipment is functional and safe. He has provided follow up and I am confident that he has addressed every concern I raised. It is rare to receive the high quality customer service that Nic provided. Karissa Dushel Assistant Nurse Manager

David Gilley, Joseph Kankosky

We had an emergency in the ED Department and Dave and Joe stayed through lunch and breaks to get the job done and have the door secure again. Todd Cox - Life Safety Supervisor