JHHS Facilities Management Key Personnel

JHHS Facilities Leadership

  • Sally MacConnell
    SVP, Facilities
  • Katrina Glynn
    Project Administrator, Support Sally MacConnell
  • Anatoly Gimburg
    VP, JHHS Facilities Management
  • Tom Lentz
    Sr. Director JHHS Facilities Management Operations
  • Frank Schofield
    Assistant Director, Buildings and Grounds

JHHS Facilities Management

  • Carole Martens
    Director, Facilities Compliance
  • David Lederman
    Customer Service/Operations Manager
  • Zach Bley
    Assistant Director
  • Brian Tidwell
    Procurement Manager
  • Giardino Marchena
    Finance Manager
  • Kyle Ennis
    Facilities IT Manager
  • Osborne Carter
    Facilities Storeroom Supervisor
  • Dave Fisher
    Director, Johns Hopkins Facilities Commissing
  • Loir Mcdaniel
    Design Manager
  • Phil Kruer
    Assistant Director, Power Plant
  • Mike Berencz
    Engineering Storeroom Supervisor

JHH Buildings and Grounds

  • Charles McCauley
    Grounds Supervisor
  • Jim Hart
    Zone Maintenance Manager
  • Nicholas Hoy
    Zone Maintenance Manager
  • John Morse
    Zone Maintenance Supervisor (1st Shift)
  • Mike Spioch
    Zone Maintenance Supervisor (2nd Shift)
  • Tom Zuk
    Zone Maintenance Supervisor (3rd Shift)
  • Tyrone Garnett
    Zone Maintenance Supervisor (Weekends)
  • Renard Whitfield
    Zone Maintenance Supervisor (SOM West)
  • Robert Hood
    Zone Maintenance Supervisor (SOM East)
  • Matt McGuire
    Zone Maintenance Supervisor (SOM 2nd Shift)
  • Kevin Brumbaugh
    Paint Supervisor
  • Darrell Taylor
    Life Safety Supervisor
  • Todd Cox
    Life Safety Supervisor

JHH Mechanical and Electrical Services

  • Kevin Sherfey
    HVACR Supervisor (1st Shift)
  • Ryan Eggleston
    Plumbing Maintenance Supervisor
  • Brian Griffin
    Plumbing Mechanical Supervisor (2nd Shift)
  • Chuck Jones
    Electrical Supervisor (1st Shift)
  • Jerry Mullhausen
    Electrical Supervisor (2nd Shift)