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About Facilities Design and Construction

Johns Hopkins Health System, Facilities Design and Construction (FD+C) was organized in July 2008; the legacy organization was The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Facilities Design and Construction. FD+C is one of five subdivisions of the JHHS Facilities Department:

  • Facilities Design and Construction
  • Facilities Engineering
  • Planning and Architecture
  • Clinical Engineering Services
  • Environmental Care

Facilities Design and Construction is managed by (vacant) Senior Director, reporting to Sally MacConnell, Vice President of the Facilities Department. FD+C provides a full array of capital project services to The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Bayview Medical Center, Howard County General Hospital, JHMI Utilities, LLC and MHHEFA Parking. These services begin with assisting the user community with project development and are generally followed by:

  • Ushering projects through the approval process
  • Developing designs, equipment specifications and transition programs
  • Securing jurisdictional approvals and permits
  • Procuring competitive construction services, equipment and furniture vendors
  • Managing the execution of construction, fixtures, furnishings and equipment
  • Managing project transition and activation
  • Providing closeout services, at both a project and institutional level, including punch lists, documentation, financial reconciliations and assisting Finance with booking the resultant asset

Mission Statement and Core Values


The mission of Facilities Design and Construction is to provide efficient and affordable facilities and amenities that promote the highest quality care, afford solace, and provide enhancements to the environment of the Johns Hopkins Health System and surrounding communities. We are committed to provide professional expertise in the execution of projects that support the strategic priorities of the Johns Hopkins Enterprise.

Core Values

Facilities Design and Construction is guided by the following core values:

  1. Customer Focused
  2. Sense of Urgency
  3. Thoroughness
  4. Stewardship
  5. Communication
  6. Commitment
  7. Integrity
  8. Safety
  9. Professional Development

Economic Inclusion

Please note that Johns Hopkins has implemented policies to support minority and local businesses by increasing our use of Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Local Business Enterprises (LBEs). Learn more about Economic Inclusion.